Oahe / Sharpe

Friday, June 17, 2016

Lake Oahe continues to have a fair to good bite going in.  Weather dependant.  I have been finding some nice fish up shallow in the mudlines when the wind blows.  On the calmer days I am working out to 30+ feet.  bouncers and plain hooks have been my bait of choice lately... Crawlers all the way.   I have been popping a few Smallmouth and White Bass up shallow pulling crankbaits too... 10 foot there.  Lots of baitfish on Oahe right now and that is making the bite slower but if you get on some bigger fish and keep working them you can box a real nice limit of Walleyes.  There still a ton of Pike up shallow and hang on tight when you get one on... Oahe is known for World Class Northern Pike...  There is some really nice Smallmouth on Oahe right now and I am finding them up on Gravel islands and gravel saddles with deep water nearby...  bouncers and minnows there.  Pitching jigs can be fun there too... Oahe rocks...

Lake Sharpe is on fire right now.  not uncommon to go thru 50+ fish a day.  There is a fair bite around Pierre along the channel edges, current breaks and working the bluffs with bouncers / crawlers / minnows.  The killer bite is from Joe Creek to Big Bend Dam.  I like working the Lower Brule side.  My best Walleye bite in there past couple days has been either around 16 foot or 20 to 30 foot depending on the wind.  They move shallow when the wind blows hard.  Smallies are starting to go good too.  I have been working some sand bars and points with crankbaits and also pitching plastic up on the points for the Smallmouth.  My main walleye presentation is bouncers / crawlers but everything is working now....  Bring lots of bait.

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